Café Insurance

Café and Restaurant Insurance

Café and Restaurant insurance pricing in the market ranges dramatically between insurers. Sometimes it feels like one year the insurer wants to deal with you, but the very next year they change their underwriting guidelines and suddenly restaurants or cafes are classes of business they no longer want to insure and premiums escalates accordingly.

Whilst some insurers are happy to insure small cafes with bench top fryers, they may price themselves out of competing for your business if you have a larger deep fryer with 20 litre capacity or more.

We understand how insurers work as majority of our staff have worked for insurers. We also understand hospitality business operation and where your claims are likely to come from.  For example, we know from experience you will have a machinery breakdown claim at some point if you operate a café or restaurant. A fridge motor or cool room motor operating 24 hours, 7 days a week has only a certain lifespan and will eventually breakdown resulting in a financial loss to your business.  We can plan for such events and ensure we help you to better manage your business and minimise your costs as best as possible.

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