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House and Contents Insurance is sold everywhere these days. There are so many different covers and options that it becomes impossible for a consumer to compare products and pricing. Most consumers tend to shop based on price and not necessary the cover. It is only when a claim occurs that we tend as consumers to look at the policy in more detail.

When considering House and Contents Insurance you should consider your position and ask what is important to you. Do you want to cover your house and contents for the basics such as fire, water damage, wind damage, burglary and acts of god (i.e. Defined Events cover) or do you want a broader cover that may extend to cover accidental damage and loss (I.E. Accidental Damage cover) which extends to also cover personal items such as personal mobile phones, watches and jewellery away from the home.

Both Defined Events and Accidental Damage covers allow you to insure specific listed jewellery and personal items (for example, a camera, phone, watch, ipad etc.) Australia wide and a limited period overseas (in case you take it with you on holiday).

For consumers who may have an extensive list of personal items or high sums insured for buildings and contents that may prefer an even broader coverage, there are a handful of insurers who provide such prestige covers to meet your needs.

Flood, historically was not covered by most insurers, however, most insurers now offer flood cover as an automatic inclusion for most areas. However, in certain areas where flood has been an issue, it is on an offer and acceptance basis and the insurer will want to ascertain the exposure before they are prepared to offer cover. If the insurer chooses to provide cover it may cost the consumer more to insure and/or have a higher excess (this is the amount the consumer will contribute towards the cost of a claim).

If you own a holiday home, you may find certain insurers may be reluctant to insure you depending on how often you spend time at the holiday home, its location, the physical security and whether or not you have any other business with that insurer. So you need to consider your options before you place your main home with any insurer and ask will you also insure my holiday home?

How do we add value as your Insurance Broker?

The covers we offer our customers generally tend to be broader in coverage. We are part of Steadfast Group Limited. The Steadfast Group is a publically listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange. It is also the largest broker network in Australia.

Steadfast negotiates on behalf of its members in Australia the broadest possible covers available in the market with the major insurers. This means as our customer we provide you with a quality product at a competitive price.

In simple terms, we are likely to offer you a better product than what you may already have with the same insurer because of our buying power.

If you suffer an unfortunate accident, imagine the time and effort you save knowing that there is an insurance professional working for you to ensure you get the maximum benefit under your policy.

Our staff have experienced many occasions such as flood or fires over the last 10 years where there is an urgency to protect and minimise loss and our ability to co-ordinate and contact the right people ranging from repairers, assessors and insurers means our customers are attended to in a professional manner when resources all around are scarce.

Please do not hesitate to call our office or email any queries you may have. We can assist you with Define Events Cover, Accidental Damage Cover or Prestige Home and Contents Insurance.

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