Franchisee Insurance

Franchisee Insurance

When we discuss insurance with franchisees, they constantly mention 4 areas that affect their decision to buy insurance.

Business owners constantly look to reduce their business costs. We understand the importance of this. We have been successful in maintaining competitively priced insurance products for over 15 years. We  use our market share to ensure our clients benefit both in terms of product and price.

The same message from franchisees is clear “we need you most when we have a claim”.We understand this and work harder to ensure you have the support required and the representation necessary for a smooth outcome.

Trust is an important part of the equation. Without Trust there is no relationship.We built our business on Trust. Many franchisees choose to use us as their preferred partner for business insurance, Franchisees such as  Lenard’s poultry, Just Cuts, Wendy’s ice cream, Michelle’s Patisserie, Boost Juice, Gloria Jean Cafes, Subway, Tele Choice, Go Vita, AFL stores have used our services for many years.

The product we arrange for our franchisees must be able to meet their needs. We work hard to ensure this is achieved via tailor made products. Where we cannot meet the requirements required we explain why and give options where possible.

If you are considering a review of your insurance program, we would welcome your call Australia wide. We do make a difference!

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